Monday, November 01, 2004

Strings pull puppets, not selected hands of God

It’s amazing how dramatic these last 4 years have been for America. Entering this election my worry goes deep. I remember what America was like when you could go out and play all day without a thought for personal safety, today do your kids play unsupervised? Is this country safer? That didn’t start on 9-11 folks. Our social situation goes much further than the “3 year blinders” everyone on the political right uses. Some reading will say 'sure my kids play, yes", but think about people and cities where rampant gun possession exists: think about them before you give money into the NRA’s cold hand.

Corporations: get out

What are the motives of our elected officials? It does not seem the public is capable of controlling this exploitation any longer thru its current representation. I mean, we can’t even catch a tiger by its toe. Notice not one person in congress, Democrat, anywhere, wondered out loud what the President was wearing in that jacket. Can you believe it, as obvious as it is he’s wired? We can’t stop the corruptive force unless we can focus on it, yet Democrats are stung by little labels like liberal-bias lofted by isolationists.

Thru talking to many people these last weeks, it is clear there are many economic Republicans very turned off by what they see. In my humble view, the most damaging thing that exists in our society is the systematic takeover of our government by corporations. Notice the subtle “outsourcing” of military tasks. Notice the IMF. Notice the UN, the US Congress and Senate and how the prescription drugs bill was a giveaway to corporations.

And the Piece de resistance, selected as the substitute for the failed re-appearance of christ in 2000?

Earpiece emperor, the selected puppet President George W. Bush

Puppets = strings = Corporate ties = "I call you my base"

I wonder why corporations have ANY say in our government at all, corporations provide jobs and economic stability, but have little to do with our social stability which is what governments are supposed to provide for us. I know it is hard to make a clean separation of the two. We are a people that want jobs and economic stability. Isn’t it logical then that we don’t need corporate influence in government because it is built into the social interests already?

Strings pull puppets, not the selected hand of God

Our social corrosion is because of men like Bush (must read... interferes in Ukraine's election now look at that subtle move to mess with ours) and Tom DeLay who are entertaining corporate interests and aligning themselves with God while they lie to who they should represent. George Bush you are no deity any more than me or the reader. And you seem to have more or less ruined every business/public trust you have touched. God’s create, you fake wars.

We are here to live life, enjoy it as best we can, take care of this planet and use our minds to grow. Corporations are there to MAKE MONEY. Corporations use every means at their disposal to this end. Corporations bribe people of 3rd world nations for favors such as public works projects. Are we naïve that this might not go on inside our nation too? ENRON. We may build ourselves a nice fortress here, but we will not be safe until we are in control of our destiny as a true majority. Right now our destinies are in the hands of banks, military contractors, big oil, and we nod our heads in hip hop to big media empires and Camel cigarettes. Our destiny lies in the hands of about 25% of America’s people.

Failure to look at history

Did you know that a new species of human was discovered on an island in the Pacific? It was only 3 feet tall, as an adult! Its 18,000 years old. Think about the "3 year blinders" now. We know of at least 3 separate species of humans now, when you include us and Neanderthals. Our distant history is now richer and more complex than we ever thought and there is probably more to discover. At the same time we are viewing a side of our culture still challenged by the reality of evolution. Facts don’t seem to penetrate this belief system sometimes. Can you believe this still exists in what is supposed to be the finest educated country on the planet? No wonder it’s so easy for so many in the US to be conned!

Faith is useless when scrutinizing your government. Faith is something you have with spiritual pursuits. When you give your faith over to a government, you open yourself up for rampant exploitation. That is why I call it “blind faith”, because you lose control over your beliefs, putting them into someone else’s hands but those same hands sit in the hip pocket of the machine. That machine eats anything which poses a challenge so if your faith becomes inconvenient to a corporate interest, guess what… Bye! It's not just that, it is that these sorts of beliefs systems exist globally. Russia is a shining example with what it is doing to the Yukos oil company. This kind of behavior and many more example of it are why, globally, we need to eliminate this host of sock puppet governments still out there, including the one in the White House RIGHT now. This isn’t just happening in Africa baby. They are feeding off of us, so wake up.

The Better question: safer now than 30 years ago?

Our safety has been deteriorating for over 2 decades. It is not because of terrorists. It is because of ignorance, poverty and corruption. Happy people don’t commit crime and terrorists are terrorists as the result of their environments. Do you know any happy terrorists? I am no apologist and so will not be cornered into talking about this in “Mission Accomplished” terms or risk not being on our side. Everyone is responsible for their own choices. Poverty causes terrorism as much as any other external factor. It also causes overpopulation which leads to a host of other social issues. Some American and European policies such as farm subsidies are contributing to global poverty which, logically then influences the spread of terrorism.

Fanaticism is complex: there are many, many reasons around the world which make people fanatical. The world is a reflection of us; fanaticism does not exist in a vacuum and if it exists peacefully nobody I know seems to mind its expression. Let’s not forget it exists in varying degrees in every country in the world, including America.

I suggest America help the world hault terrorism's spread by the unselection of George W. Bush as President.

Saturday, October 23, 2004

Was there a wire behind that tie?

During the second Presidential debate on Friday, October 8th President Bush adjusted his tie; a gesture which exposed a black object contrasting a white shirt.

Breaking news at

Below is an unchanged photo from the C-SPAN video feed which shows something peculiar. There is speculation that there was a wire behind President Bush’s tie. The object is also visible when the original video is shown (details below).

Is that a wire?

Was this just a fold in the shirt?

The video shows what has been called over other internet sites as a “solid dark line”.

“Creases in shirt fabric should have shadowed edges” a tailor agreed when queried by me, adding “they don’t usually appear when standing up” when the question was posed.

To this date I have not been informed by anyone on a member of the media asking the White House or the Bush Campaign about this video footage.

Another "badly tailored" story?

On October 26 President Bush made his first public comment over the BULGE in his jacket:

"Well, you know, Karen Hughes and Dan Bartlett had rigged up a sound system"

"You are getting in trouble," responded host Charles Gibson.

"I don't know what that is," Bush said. "I mean, it is - I'm embarrassed to say it's a poorly tailored shirt."

The Bush campaign laughed off the speculation when it first blossomed and then cropped up in news stories like this one.

It was a suit, now its a shirt?

Can we see the suit or shirt?

"Are we supposed to believe that the president wore the same shirt for all three debates?" -David Lindorff

Bush's comment contradicts the widely quoted account of White House chief of staff Andrew Card Jr. right after the debates:

"it was just a poorly tailored suit"

Georges de Paris has been a Presidential tailor for a long time. Why is he insisting it was nothing and is being quoted?

The same thing will happen anytime you cross your arms like Bush did,” de Paris said. “It causes the back of the jacket to pucker along the seam.”

There is a pucker in that picture, true. But why does this so called "pucker" also appear when Bush's arms are not folded?

There are many such contradictions.
Will someone ask the Bush administration what was under his tie?

To this date I have seen this subject mentioned here:

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